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Thai Language for Foreigner Courses

Thai Language for Foreigner Courses have been designed to:

Build skills, confidence and fluency

Teach you to communicate successfully in real-life situations

Improve your grammar and expand your vocabulary

Increase your speaking, pronunciation and listening skills

Improve your reading and writing

It is important to mention that all of these skills are essential to communication, and that all of them

can be learnt by communicative methods

Speaking & Listening

Book 7

Social Problems  

Newspaper 1

Newspaper 2

Thai History

Thai Social Customs  


Competency Test Course (Preparation Course for Year 6)

Book 4 teaches the 44 letters of the Thai alphabet, the vowels, tenses, and spelling method. The lesson also covers pronunciation, reading and writing short sentences.

Book 5 teaches reading and writing more complex sentences including the writing of different (Symbol) suffix

characters.To enhance comprehension the class uses short stories or short descriptions that relate to the  Thai culture and custom. The emphasis is on overall understanding and applying the skill learned to convey comprehension into own wording and written work.

Book 1 uses Phonetics as an introduction to learning the Thai alphabet, vowels and the various tones. The emphasis is on correct pronunciation and basic sentence forming.

Book 2 introduces more vocabulary and various sentence structures. The emphasis is on sentence forming,  it is a continuation from Book 1.

Book 3 introduces more complex vocabulary and sentence structures, with an emphasising on greater proficiency and fluency of Thai for daily usage.

Reading & Writing

Advanced Course

Book 6 consists of reading and writing various topics relating to Thailand, such as the Thai life style, custom, culture and important people in Thailand, etc. This advanced class makes use of all the Thai skills learned in the previous courses.

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