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Our teachers are native Chinese graduates and have at least two years' experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. Most of them can speak in Thai. They will customise an individual study plan based on your Chinese language level and your desired study field.

Chinese language courses for all levels - Beginning through to advanced (no minimum language ability required). All students will be given a qualification test to determine their ability, in order to place them on the correct level. There are 20 hours of class and six levels as stated below:

Six Levels: 1-6

Level 1: is for beginners. This course includes the study of Chinese pinyin, basic sentence patterns, Chinese characters, and grammar.

Level 2: is for students who have some pronunciation training, and can speak in simple, daily conversation. Course includes reading, writing, listening, and speaking. It focuses on Chinese pinyin, daily conversation, improving listening skills, reading skills, and writing exercises.

Level 3: is for students who know basic sentence patterns, and are able to engage in daily conversation. This course is more extensive in building skills in listening, writing, reading, and speaking. Students extend their vocabulary, continuing to study sentence patterns and grammar, intensify reading exercises, and understand the meaning and usage of words.

Level 4: is for students who know a system of knowledge of Chinese grammar, as well as being able to speak  in daily conversation at a higher level than Level 3. There will be a high emphasis on building listening, reading writing, and speaking skills.

Level 5: is for students who can engage in more complicated discussions, as well as give short speeches.

Level 6: is for students with can express detailed ideas in daily conversation.

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