Piammitr Language School

Piammitr Language School   is not merely a language school that offers language courses. Here we encourage friendship between different cultures. We believe cross cultural interaction is one of the best methods in achieving an

indepth understanding of a language.

Piammitr Language School  offers Thai courses for foreigners as well As Japanese and Chinese Courses  to Thai students and to the general public. The main objective of our school is  to build  students'  conversational skills by providing the essential tools of vocabulary and grammar for daily communication. In addition, in order to  enhance the usage of the Thai language outside the classroom, we also  organise various activities that provide opportunities for our students to exchange ideas, customs and culture. This way, students will benefit by practising class exercises in a relaxing atmosphere and making new friends at the same time.

Piammitr Language School is especially proud that all the curriculum of our courses has been carefully planned and thoroughly  developed by skilled teachers with more than 10 years teaching experience. Furthermore, Piammitr Language School meets the standards of and is  recognised by the Ministry of Education. You can be confident therefore  in the quality of our staff and the lessons we have set for you.

“ Piam”= Plenty “Mitr” = friends
Plenty of Friends is the meaning of our school.

Piammitr Language School

E-mail Address: suneelertchaisirikul@gmail.com


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